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Non-Banking Financial Companies are growing rapidly across the world. Several companies have jumped into the bandwagon to get the ice on the cake. That’s why Xentric has developed a comprehensive NBFC software that will streamline the RD, FD, MIS business most conveniently and enhance productivity of the company.

Advanced, Fast & Reliable NBFC Software

NBFC software is a simplified form of banking software. It has almost every functionality that of a banking software. After vast research we have developed one of the best NBFC software with wide range of useful features and functionalities.

Salient features of our software:

  • User-Friendly, Powerful & Accurate
  • Partial Payment Calculation/Tracking
  • Easy Payment Postings
  • Late Fine Option
  • Miscellaneous Fees

Benefits of NBFC Software

FD, RD and MIS are the three popular long term investment plans and people use to keep their money in these schemes for greater return. With exhaustive knowledge on the core NBFC business, we have designed and developed an outstanding off-the-shelf software for NBFC that will help the business to prosper rapidly. Our software is highly efficient to let you manage all your business processes and enhance productivity.

Modules of the Application


It’s one of the most crucial modules of this NBFC application that manipulates and manages with all types of loans and keeps you up-to-date with the details like account holder, amount of loan, instalment date, instalment amount, overdue and so forth. The sub-modules of this section are:

  • Hire Purchase
  • Hypothecation
  • Loan
  • Securitization


In the Deposit module you will be able to manage all the FD, RD, MIS as well as Debentures of your customers with its simple and user-friendly User Interface. The NBFC Software will keep you updated with all the information required from time to time. The primary sub-modules under this section are:

  • Fixed Deposit (FD)
  • Recurring Deposit (RD)
  • Monthly Instalment Scheme (MIS)
  • Debenture


Our NBFC Software has a powerful and accurate Accounting module that will offer you neat and clean accounting with intelligent features to reduce human-errors. The software will provide you customised graphical reports on several aspects to enhance profitability of your business. The modules under this section are:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Payroll

Reports: The software is designed keeping the client requirements in mind and thus we have incorporated intelligent reporting feature that will provide you a clear details of your company’s current status by detailed graphical report. Important Reports included in the application are:

  • Accounting Detail / Summary Report
  • Payment Coupons or Monthly Statements
  • Payment History
  • Miscellaneous Charges / Fees Report
  • Account Reference Listing
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