Comprehensive Multilevel Marketing Software

Multilevel Marketing or Chain Marketing is one of the most profitable and vigorously growing businesses in India and Abroad for its lucrative earning methods. To make these companies grow smoothly and maintain transparent account, Xentric Technologies has created powerful online MLM software for various types of plans with a lot of useful features.

MLM software that we develop

  • Binary Plan
  • Matrix Plan
  • Australian Binary
  • Spill over Plan
  • Board Plan
  • Growth Plan
  • Step Plan
  • Generation Plan
  • Repurchase Plan
  • Auto Filling Plan
  • Custom MLM Plan

Top Benefits of Using Our MLM Software

Software for Every MLM Plan

Get customized online MLM software for any Multilevel Marketing Plan at very affordable cost. We develop applications from scratch with brilliant features, interactive UI and excellent security.

Secure I-PIN Generator

Customizable randomized I-PIN generator with full control on your IPIN. View details of your used and assigned IPINs on the go or generate new IPIN instantly. You can print quick history or pull out a detailed report.

Franchise Management

Get advanced features and functionalities to manage your franchisees effectively and easily. Get 360 degree view of your franchise to create robust strategy and multiply your profit.

SMS Integration

Update your members with instant SMS alert for better customer service. Integrate SMS alert system with custom message template and the application will inform your members automatically.

Package Management

Create and manage unlimited number of packages with advanced functionalities smoothly through the application. Make any of them active or inactive easily through a single click anytime.


Get instant detailed graphical reports with full data of your company accounts, members, IPIN, package and so on. Go through the quick report or pull out a detailed printout or even forward to your mail easily.

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How Can We Help You?

  • Develop MLM Software: Let us develop advanced, secure and powerful MLM software as per your business plan.
  • Develop Website: We provide stunning, feature loaded and slick website for Direct Marketing companies to make the business prosperous.
  • Train Members: We provide friendly online training service to help novice users get acquainted with the features and functionalities of the software.

Primary Modules of Our MLM Software


No matter how many types of product you sell through your Multi Level Marketing Software Kolkata, our application is enough competent to handle those with full details. Once your software is ready, you can add, modify or delete any product without any help of professionals. You can check stock of your company as well as your branches.


The concept of I-PIN is no more unknown to people for its advanced security to join a member. Our MLM software has advanced features to generate unique and customized I-PIN, keep accurate record of I-PINs and show full history of use.

Tree View

Our software features attractive login panel as well as advanced dashboard for the members to help them know the detailed status of their account. They can check their income, down-line, amount payable and many more through their dashboard.


Making accurate calculation of member commissions and paying the amount regularly have become easier than ever through our useful software for MLM. Just enter the member ID and you will get every detail regarding the member. Now enter the amount you want to disburse.


If your company has franchisees, you don’t have to invest your valuable time or effort to manage those. Our software for MLM has integrated features to manage the franchisees, check their status, product stock and several other things very conveniently.

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