EzeeBookz – A Comprehensive Distribution Management ERP

Xentric Technologies has developed an outstanding Distribution Management ERP System with mobile app for every designation that connects every department of your business to a single platform most simply and efficiently. The application streamlines the processes and offers you in-depth control over your valuable manpower. Powered by unique features like Barcode & RFID system, the ERP system boosts up the overall performance of the business which eventually spikes up turnover of the business.

Industry-Wise Dedicated Distribution System

With Improved Efficiency, Communication & Performance

  • FMCG
  • Diary & Poultry
  • Auto Dealer
  • Medicine Dealer
  • Stationeries Dealer

Top reason to choose EZEEBOOKZ

  • Instant Update through Mobile App
  • Improved Workmanship
  • Proper Utilization of Assets
  • Transparent Information on Inventory
  • Improved Management of Warehouse
  • Smooth Communication between Employees
  • Integrated Distribution Management

What makes it different

EzeeBookz is designed dedicatedly for industries like FMCG, Dairy, Poultry, Auto, Medicine, Stationeries Dealers etc. and is loaded with features and functionalities that such dealers and stockists actually require. Xentric is popular for developing customer focused useful and compact applications that do what it is meant to and EzeeBookz is one of those most successful applications that helps is users to reduce overall cost and improve performance. Here’re some of the outstanding features of our distribution management application:

  • Native Mobile App
  • Realtime Order Placement
  • Quick Stock Details
  • Location Tracking of Field-Staffs
  • Side-by- Side Sales-Purchase Comparison
  • Brilliant Validation
  • At-Hand Quick Links
  • Predictive Text & Useful Dropdowns
  • Auto-Complete Fields
  • Lightning-Fast Performance
  • Highly Secured Data Server
  • Instant Backup Option
  • Multi-Layer Protection
  • Admin-Defined User Access


Operate through Web & Mobile

Being an online application with native mobile app, you can access the application using any web browser on any computer or directly from your smartphone. You don’t need to invest in costly hardware

Barcode & RFID for Products

Tag your products with Barcode and/or RFID and reduce effort to note product specification, tracking, billing and shipping. Just trigger the reader and get full product specification instantly without a single entry in keyboard.

Quicker Sales Order Processing

With automated sales order processing system, customers can submit their order directly and the order will be forwarded to concerned department/team for rapid action which will ensure better customer satisfaction.

Better Inventory Management

With advanced inventory management module ensure better visibility of your inventory and avoid any unexpected surprise like product out of stock, product expired and so on.

Get Rid of Third-Party Tools

Let it be Warehouse Management, Accounting, HR & Payroll or Asset management – EzeeBookz will provide you everything in the same platform. Reduce effort, centralize data and get better ROI.

Automated Alerts

Automation is the key aspect of EzeeBookz Distribution Management System where every concerned department will get automated alerts through email, SMS and/or push notification for every important activity like new order received, product shipped, overdue payments, product out of stock and so on.

Paperless Transactions

Being a web application you can send bills/invoices, shipping details, payment reminders and so on through email and/or SMS to save paper. Also every detail of your products and transactions will remain stored in your centralized database most securely; you don’t need to maintain tons of cover-files anymore.

What More?

  • Multi-Company: Once a User signs up, he can create as many companies as he wants.
  • Multi-Branch: Register all your branches under the same company.
  • Multi-Warehouse: Create as many warehouses as you have. No burden, no limitation.
  • Multi-Currency: Apart from the base currency, choose any currency for your transactions.
  • Multi-Language: Use the application in several languages that you are comfortable in.
  • Multi-Date- Time Format: Choose any date-time format popular in specific country.

Still Have Queries?

Want to know about the application in details? Want an online or onsite demo? Have queries on price and package? Don't sweat it! Just drop a message in our contact form or request a Call Back - our executives will get back to you shortly and will provide answer to all your queries.

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